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crypto-assets.cc has no defined limits on size or structure, but generally targets direct equity investments of $10 million to $100 million, as well as select smaller venture investments With the advancement in technology & current world trends, the conventional means of money & trading have been greatly altered. The same place has been taken by the stock market, foreign exchange & cryptocurrency market up to a great deal. However, an overwhelming majority of the people tend to get confused when they opt to go beyond mainstream mediums of trading & investing. This is where our platform (crypto-assets.cc) comes to help and enable you to be capable of using modern tools & techniques for enhancing your trading profits. Not only for newbies, but we also aim to assist the intermediates & even expert traders by providing them with all the latest gadgets which can flourish their trading & investing investments thoroughly.

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Running days


Total accounts

$ 39241

Total deposited

$ 110950.44

Total withdrawl

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